Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. and Rapid Completions LLC v. Resource Well Completion Technologies Inc. and Resource Completion Systems Inc.

Representing Packers Plus and Rapid Completions in a patent infringement action relating to an apparatus and methods for fluid treatment, including fracturing, of oil and gas wells.
Counsel: Robert MacFarlane and Josh Spicer

(Reported decision: 2020 (T-2088-15))

Nova Chemicals Company ats. Dow Chemical Company

Acted for Nova Chemicals in a patent infringement action relating to polyethylene resin compositions at a monetary remedies reference, and at the liability trial and appeal.
Counsel: Robert MacFarlane, Mike Charles, Andrew McIntosh,Adam Bobker,Josh Spicer and Amrita V. Singh
(Reported decisions: 2014 FC 844, 2016 FC 91 and 2016 FCA 216)

(Reported decision: 2020 (T-2051-10))

Power Box AG et al. v. Robert Bosch Inc.

Representing the plaintiff Power Box AG and its subsidiary in a patent infringement action against Robert Bosch Inc. relating to power saws. Counsel: Andrew McIntosh and Anastassia Trifonova
(Reported decision: 2016 (T-1960-16))
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