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 Upcoming webinars

Privacy Law Primer

Join Bereskin & Parr associate, Amanda Branch, on Wednesday, November 15, for an overview of privacy law basics and what businesses in the private sector need to know to be compliant.

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Archived Webinars

Trademark Rights in a Borderless World – How to Establish, Maintain and Enforce Rights Online

Join Bereskin & Parr partners Jonathan Colombo and Scott MacKendrick and associate, Tamara Winegust (moderator) for an in-depth discussion on establishing, maintaining and enforcing rights online.

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Bereskin & Parr Webinar: “Promises, Promises”

A panel of B&P patent experts gave point-by-point analysis of the greatly anticipated decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Astrazeneca v. Apotex, that was handed down on June 30th. The Supreme Court  provided new insights and direction to the Canadian patent law of utility and “the promise of the patent”. Our panel discussed the implications of the decision on patent drafting, prosecution and litigation.

This program may be counted towards 1.0 substantive hours in Ontario.

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Expanding your Brand in Europe: A Primer for Canadian Businesses

Join Bereskin & Parr partners Susan Keri and Terry Edwards for an in-depth discussion with prominent lawyers from the EU and UK about trademark issues for Canadian businesses doing or planning to do business in Europe.

Highlights include:

  • How to clear your trademark for use and registration in the EU.
  • National v. EUTM protection and what effect is Brexit likely to have?
  • Benefits of trademark registration in the EU
  • Navigating the trademark application process, timelines, and costs.
  • Effects of consents and co-existence agreements.
  • Enforcement and counterfeit issues

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Exploring Cross-border differences in Canadian and US Patent Law: Strategic Benefits and Traps for The Unwary

Victor Krichker (Moderator), James Raakman, and Carmela De Luca discuss important differences in Canadian and U.S. patent law and learn how to gain strategic opportunities as well as to avoid traps for the unwary.

Highlights include:

  • Is it too late to file in Canada? Making use of grace periods as well as the use of deferred or expedited examination options including the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).
  • Benefits of filing in Canada including lower costs, lack of extra claim fees and absence of multiple claim dependency restrictions.
  • Common questions and situations that arise in cross-border filings including divisional practice, double patenting, lack of continuations, subject matter eligibility and restriction practice.
  • More complex issues such as interpretation standard applied during examination and restrictions on revival of abandoned applications.

Subject matter eligibility includes software and biotech related inventions.

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Expanding your Brand in China: A Primer for Canadian Businesses

Janice Bereskin and Sharyn Costin with prominent lawyers from China discuss trademark issues for Canadian businesses doing or planning to do business in China.

Highlights include:

  • Important considerations for protecting and enforcing your brand in China. Is it ever too soon to think about trademark protection in China?
  • Common trademark and copyright risks and challenges and how to avoid them.
  • Navigating the intricacies of the trademark registration and opposition procedures in China.
  • Effective strategies for preventing and stopping counterfeiting activities in China.

Kids, Digital Media and the Law

A practical guide to help you navigate legal issues when producing digital media for kids

On November 17th Catherine Lovrics and Amy Dam discussed the law and best practices to help you and your clients:
•    protect kids' privacy when producing interactive content for kids in Canada, and
•    manage risks presented by branded content and advertising to kids through digital media.

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New Signage Law in Québec

Brand Owners: Get Ready to Add French to your Signage
On December 1st Bereskin & Parr Partners’s Brigitte Chan and François Larose discussed the new amendments to Regulations under Québec’s Charter of the French Language and how they affect companies doing business in Québec.

Highlights include:
•    An overview of the Charter of the French Language and its regulations
•    The trademark exception
•    The successful court battle by multi-national retailers against the Québec Government
•    Québec Government’s response: Legislative amendments
•    A review of the amendments and guidelines published by the OQLF
•    The impact of these amendments on companies doing business in Québec

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Expanding your Brand in the United States: A Primer for Canadian Businesses

On December 8th Bereskin & Parr Partners Mina Chana, Meghan Dillon and Jonathan Burkinshaw discussed trademark issues for Canadian businesses to consider when doing business in the United States.

Highlights include: 

  • the key benefits of registering trademarks in the United States
  • timelines – when to file
  • the impact of differences between trademark laws in the two countries
  • tips and traps to avoid

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