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Evelyn Dempsey
Manager, Business Development & Marketing


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Feature Story in Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine Penned by Ainslie Parsons and Carmela De Luca
Carmela De Luca and Ainslie Parsons
October 17, 2017
Download PDF
Watch Out! Gain Valuable Insights by Monitoring Competitors’ Patent Activity
Isi Caulder
October 4, 2017
Download PDF
Use in Canada, Get It Before It’s Gone – The Federal Court of Canada Provides Some Clarity Regarding Claiming Use in Canada
Meghan Dillon and Scott MacKendrick
September 25, 2017
Download PDF
FTC Reminds Social Media Influencers to be Revealing – Of Material Connections, That Is.
Amanda Branch
September 25, 2017
Download PDF
CBSA Accepting Tips on Import of Dangerous Counterfeits and Pirated Goods
Tamara Céline Winegust
September 19, 2017
Download PDF
Famous Canadian Athlete Bruny Surin is Maintaining his Lead Against Shoe Manufacturer Puma
François Larose
September 11, 2017
Download PDF
CETA to Come Into Force September 21, 2017 – Things to Know About Geographical Indications
Tamara Céline Winegust and Cynthia Rowden and Meghan Dillon
September 11, 2017
Download PDF
Dan Bereskin's Article "Are Trademark Surveys Worth the Cost" Published in IAM magazine
Dan Bereskin, Q.C.
September 6, 2017
Download PDF
Protecting Your Software Mojo in the Smartphone Screen Era
Paul Horbal and Denver Bandstra
August 28, 2017
Download PDF
Understanding Bolar and Bolar-Like Exceptions in the U.S. and Abroad – Part 2 – Canada
Noel Courage
August 23, 2017
Download PDF
Evidence of an electronic contract requires at the least a demonstration of its integrity
François Larose and Amy Dam
August 21, 2017
Download PDF
Untied Tied Up… United Airlines Takes Aim at Complaint Website (Part I)
Cynthia Rowden and Tamara Céline Winegust
August 21, 2017
Download PDF
Planning Ahead: Preparing for Changes to Canadian Trademark Law
Cynthia Rowden and Terry Edwards and Meghan Dillon
August 18, 2017
Download PDF
Fast Tracking Patent Applications in China - New Measures in Force August 1, 2017
Isi Caulder
August 15, 2017
Download PDF
CIPO Consultation on Proposed Patent Rule Amendments to Implement Amendments to Patent Act - Eight Things You Need to Know
Sam Frost
August 3, 2017
Download PDF
IP Litigator Republished Article "Canada's Supreme Court Rules on the Promise of the Patent Doctrine"
August 1, 2017
Download PDF
"Canadian Drug Patent Enforcement" Published in The Patent Lawyer
Noel Courage
August 1, 2017
Download PDF
Addressing the Challenge of the New Trademarks Act
Jonathan Burkinshaw and François Larose
July 31, 2017
Download PDF
"Trademark Owners Beware" published by Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada
July 28, 2017
Download PDF
'Proposed New Industrial Design Regulations - Detailed Review' republished by IAM International Reports
Robert Storey and Sam Frost and Stephen Beney and Ken Bousfield
July 26, 2017
Download PDF
Proposed New Canadian Industrial Design Regulations: Our Detailed Review – Part 2
July 25, 2017
Download PDF
Proposed New Canadian Industrial Design Regulations: Our Detailed Review – Part 1
July 20, 2017
Download PDF
Proposed New Regulations for PM(NOC) Proceedings and CSPs
Don Cameron and Mike Charles
July 19, 2017
Download PDF
Federal Court Finds University’s Fair Dealing Guidelines Are Not So Fair. When is Fair Foul, and Foul Fair?
Catherine Lovrics and Tamara Céline Winegust
July 13, 2017
Download PDF
Witness credibility and adducing reliable evidence in copyright infringement cases - an important reminder
Catherine Lovrics and Tamara Céline Winegust
July 7, 2017
Download PDF
Supreme Court Curtails Inutility Challenges With its AstraZeneca Decision
Adam Bobker
July 4, 2017
Download PDF
Canada’s Supreme Court Rules on the Promise of the Patent Doctrine – Promise is Dead!
Patricia Folkins and Mike Fenwick and Scott MacKendrick
June 30, 2017
Download PDF
Jim Hinton co-authored article "Issues in Bringing Canadian Fintech to the International Stage"
James Hinton
June 29, 2017
Download PDF
“The Internet has no Borders”: Worldwide Deindexing Injunction Upheld Against Google
Tamara Céline Winegust and Scott MacKendrick
June 28, 2017
Download PDF
Canada’s 150th Birthday: Celebrating with Marks, Designs and Signs
Tamara Céline Winegust
June 27, 2017
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